Project Details

A client requested an entertainment terrace; large enough to fit 75-100 people but not so spacious that it would lack intimacy or continuity.  The space was to include a fire pit, water feature, and bar area.  The final design would grow to also include gas lamps, seat walls with limestone scuppers, and an oversized cedar pergola.  A custom blend of stone was used to match the residence.  A combination of dry-laid pavers and wetset Bluestone makes up the flooring.  The water feature was designed as an homage to estates of the past with three custom-designed florets spouts with a custom-made tile field.  All tile is Pewabic Tile.  Simple but elegant.  The underground work was extensive with drainage and sleeves for gas lines.  The fire pit involved custom fabricating an oversized pan and hanging it off angle supports attached to the inside of the fire pit chamber.

Designed By
Wilson Design Associates
For Proscape, LLC.
Built & Landscaped by
Proscape, LLC
Photography By
Steven Childs