Project Details

A previous client was adding onto their house with both a garage and master bedroom expansion.  This constituted a re-design of 85-90% of the existing planting in the front yard.  We identified material that was to remain (Japanese Maples, Dogwood, entrance walk, etc.) and carefully developed a design to work with those while enhancing the new architecture of the home.  Plantings were selected for a variety of reasons, i.e. color, texture, form, shape, etc.

The addition of a new stone access walk from the garage to the entry walk used granite cobble accents (previously harvested from the site during the demo) and was repurposed making this access seems as if it was always there.  Bedlines were re-shaped to redefine the plantings. Liatric flank both sides of the entrance walk with a jvgo groundcover, hosta, and hydrangea massing providing impact.  Hedging and height were used sparingly but provided the formal bones to an otherwise natural but orderly landscape.

Designed By
Wilson Design Associates
For Proscape, LLC.
Built & Landscaped by
Proscape, LLC
Photography By
Steven Childs