Project Details

A previous client requested a “possible” water feature and additional planting to help screen traffic and noise from a busy nearby road. What was designed and developed was a stone water feature that stretches almost 40‘ long, and is 4’ high. It has four individual pumps and 4 42” spillways. The property has historic stone foundation walls from previous structures and the water feature was designed to mimic those with similar stone. A planting trough was built into the top (instead of a typical limestone cap for example) so annual plantings could give color at eye level and soften the structure. The gentle ‘S’ curve shape of the structure was designed so that it would cast sound in different directions as one moves throughout the yard.  The four spillways fall into a lower chamber that is properly sized to allow the feature enough capacity to start up again when sitting idle. The feature operates off a switch right outside the rear door and of course, is hooked to an auto-fill valve/irrigation and is complementarily lit at night. Additional evergreen planting (Green Giant Arborvitae) was installed behind the water feature for additional screening from the road.

Designed By
Wilson Design Associates
For Proscape, LLC.
Built & Landscaped by
Proscape, LLC
Photography By
Steven Childs